Pests We Handle

Our Pest Control Services eliminate pests that can spread viruses (e.g., rats, mice, snakes, and insects). To prevent pest infestation in your house, our pest control company provide a full-fledged professional pest elimination service that includes tracking, identifying and eliminating pests.

A lot of residential homes and commercial spaces in Singapore is continuously at war with pest infestation problems such as ants, cockroaches, mice, termites, and mosquitoes. The Pest Control Company is able to provide professional and effective pest elimination methods by understanding the behaviour patterns for the different types of pest.

Chemical pesticides may be harmful to human being and it should only be applied by a trained professional. All our pest control experts are professionally trained for pest removal.

An economically destructive pest, termites can cause serious damage to buildings if not treated preemptively.

Rodent droppings may trigger allergies and transmit food borne illnesses such as salmonella. They can carry fleas and were responsible for the bubonic plague in the 1300’s.

While these insects do not spread diseases such as other pests like cockroaches, they can cause safety concerns for people living near them.

Common pests that create health problems, some of them can be found in rubbish and drains, spreading diseases such as chlorela

Mosquitoes can transmit diverse infectious pathogens and parasites that cause diseases such as dengue, Zika, Chikungunya, West Nile fever, or malaria. 

Our Methodology

We provide an Integrate Pest Management system that is an environmentally sensitive approach to pest management.

Pest Control Singapore Inspection and Assessment

Step 1

Inspection and Assessment

Pest Control Singapore Strategy and Action Plan

Step 2

Strategy and Action Plain

Pest Control Singapore Treatment and Solution

Step 3

Treatment and Solution

Pest Control Singapore Preventive Controls

Step 4

Preventive Controls

Pest Control Singapore Reporting and Monitoring

Step 5

Reporting and Monitoring

Why Choose Us?

The Pest Control Company treat every pest management very seriously and professionally. As one of Singapore’s best and preferred pest control company, we only use pest control methods that are both environmentally sustainable and effective.

Pest infestation can cause serious health issues and even food contamination. With proper pest management, you can make your home and workspace a safer environment for all your love ones.


Our team of well-trained pest control experts deliver professional pest elimination services to all our clients. We take pride in every pest elimination case, big or small.


Our Pest Control Services are concentrated on the pest control priorities and eradication requirements of each case. These services are beneficial and environmentally friendly solutions that provide a wide range of resources to mitigate pest interaction and pesticide exposure.
Moreover, these services also involve measures to prevent future possible infestation.

Fast Response

Our methods and materials, along with comprehensive reports that illustrate sanitation, proofing, and storage advice, ensure that any pest infestation is quickly contained and controlled.
After the treatment, we follow up with the client to ensure that everything is good and the treatment is effective.

Results Guranteed

Cockroaches, termites, rats and bed bug are the most common pest infestation problem in Singapore. When dealing with ant/ termites infestation, for example, we remove whole termite colonies rapidly and effectively.
Regardless of the kind of pest problem you have. Our methods are effective and guaranteed to give out positive results for our valued customers.

What We Achieved

As your provider in pest solutions, we provide an all-in-one solution ranging from cleaning to pest management. Providing you a customised solution with cost savings by combining multiple sets of solutions.

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Our history of successes and why we are chosen by many.

Very professional and knowledgeable service provided for cockroach/pest cleaning. Will definitely look for wicleansoon again for any cleaning and pest control services. Thank you.
image user shipeng ng
Mar '21
Interaction was efficient and accommodating. Service was exceptional and very thorough. Overall very satisfied with the service they provided! 👍🏻
Dec '20
Very pleased with their service rendered as well as the quality of work done. House was assessed thoroughly before the commencement of treatment.
Feb '21
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