Our Pest Control Solutions

With many years of experience in dealing with the different types of pest infestations, all our pest control solutions and techniques are proven to effective with the careful application of pesticides. The use of the different types of pesticides is carefully considered before application especially when non-chemical alternatives can be used to achieve the same results.

Pest Control Food Establishment

Food Establishments

Pest Control is very important in Food Establishments, especially in restaurants. Without proper pest management control, food establishment risk food contamination which poses health hazards to their customers.
Service establishments in Singapore adhere to food hygiene guidelines that is regulated by the National Environment Agency (NEA). NEA requires food establishments to provide a pest control contract that includes insect safety and routine monitoring to identify any signs of pest infestation.

Pest Control Commercial


The Pest Control Company focuses on pest control for commercial spaces by eliminating pest-attractive environments such as bookshelves, water cooler crevices, and other room corners and ceilings.

- Any water retains floors and roof areas to be renovated and sealing minor entry points in walls.
- Avoiding food storage without refrigeration.
- Getting rid of the unattended garbage cans.
- Spraying it with pesticides and letting the chemicals do their work.


Singapore's mild climate and high humidity make it an ideal breeding ground for pests. In such conditions, termites, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rats thrive. Pest Control Company focuses on pest removal by inspecting the living conditions of the clients.
Proper pest control is very beneficial in aiding the well-being of your family and also improves living conditions.
Although pests are unwelcomed guests and there are ways to control and avoid an infestation. Bed bugs for example, it is a pest that can spread from one person to another. Living at a place where pests are growing is harmful to human health and may cause multiple allergies.

Pest Control Singapore Inspection and Assessment

Step 1

Inspection and Assessment

To ensure a quality solution, our specialists will perform a thorough inspection and assessment to prepare for our pest strategy and action plan. A series of harbourage sites areas are checked to determine the root cause of our infestation so that we can formulate a more targeted plan.

Pest Control Singapore Strategy and Action Plan

Step 2

Strategy and Action Plan

Using data gathered from the inspection and assessment phase, our specialists will formulate the action plan by adjusting variables within our control such as frequency of treatment, chemicals, methods of application. While considering the environmental impact (as we believe in sustainability), we craft out a plan that is most impactful while the least harmful to the environment.

Pest Control Singapore Treatment and Solution

Step 3

Treatment and Solution

Following our action plan, our specialists will execute on the plans to fend off the pests. Targeting multiple stages of the infestation such as a multi-life cycle programme, we reduce the population to a acceptable level with the skillset and experience of our specialists.

Pest Control Singapore Preventive Controls

Step 4

Preventive Controls

With the pest population at bay, we will continuously keep the critters under control with the use of an Integrated Pest Management methodology. By focusing on environmental friendliness, we use preventive measures and provide facility advisory that reduces the sources of pest, protecting people from both the pests and exposure to chemicals.

Pest Control Singapore Reporting and Monitoring

Step 5

Reporting and Monitoring

At the end of each visit, we provide a detailed list of observations and actions taken. This helps in regulatory compliance such as SFA, while providing facility owners an insight to their infestation progress while providing simple and cost efficient suggestions.

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