How Bedbugs Bite Causes Allergies?

The Pest Company is a pest control agency that not only provide solutions and whole methodology of pest control, it also educates people about pests and the diseases they spread. Pests infestation is one of the common issue face by many households in Singapore. Despite many pest’s management solutions, rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and bedbugs are still affecting many families in Singapore.

Why is it Important to detect and Eliminate Bedbugs As Soon As Possible?

One of the main focus of pest management is on bedbugs, and it’s necessary to make homes bedbugs free. They are very small and not easily visible. They can hide in your bedsheets, furniture, and mattress. Here are few points why it is important to get rid of these bugs as quickly as possible:

  • Female bedbug gives birth to an average 20 eggs per week. If it’s not dealth with properly and in time, the number of it will increase rapidly in a very short amount of time.
  • Not long after hatching from the egg, the nymph starts its search for blood as its 1st meal.
  • You or your children’s blood, when laying on the infested bed is most likely the 1st meal on which they will survive and breed.
  • They can live for many months without a meal.
  • These ectoparasites like to dwell inside their host’s homes so that they can suck blood easily, especially at night.
  • They cause allergies, skin rashes, and even blisters.
  • House pets like Chickens, dogs are also their host. If you keep these house pets in your home, you will need to check thoroughly on their body as well.

General Symptoms:

An Itching along with linear blisters or pruritic lesions on the arms, hands, neck, and legs are the general symptoms of bedbug bite. You will not feel any symptoms when bitten. But after few hours, an intense urge to itch is common.

Allergies Caused by Bedbugs:

Allergy is the 1st symptom of bedbug bite. Other symptoms can take longer time to appear. You will see red circles on the part of the body where the bedbug bites. Difficulty in breathing is also a symptom for asthma patients. If they are a lot in numbers, theairborne histamines become a threat for asthma patients causing anaphylaxis, throat tightening, and swelling.

How Bedbugs Cause Allergies:

For pest control, it is necessary to know the reasons behind allergies caused by bedbugs. Whenever a bug bites you, that specific area starts getting red along with severe allergy.

Antigens in saliva:

Detailed scientific studies have found that the saliva of the bedbug contains antigens. These antigens in the saliva are the cause of alarming immunogenic substrate. Ending in hypersensitive reactions.

Cutaneous Reactions:

Bug bites on the skin cause small and pruritic lesions. These are cutaneous reactions. They cause diffuse urticaria, papular urticaria and local urticaria. Skin reactions differ from person to person as some may have more sensitive skin. Intense itching due to bedbug bites can cause cutaneous reactions.

When antigens present in the bedbug’s saliva enter the dermis, antibodies IgG circulating in the blood cause hypersensitivity III reactions. Local inflammation starts when immune complexes bind on leukocyte receptors forming an activating complement.


In case of a cutaneous reaction, wash the infected area with soap. For pruritic lesions, anti-pruritic agents or corticosteroids are prescribed.

Bullous Reaction:

These are rare reactions and cause bullous lesions. When bug bites, the initial response to nitrophorin antigen, present in the saliva of bugs. In response to antigen, the human body release Ig-E antibodies. This is a type 1 immune response. After this response, activation of mast-cell occurs in the skin, causing inflammation.

This reaction is followed by the synthesis of leukotrienes, chemokines, cytokines. All of these chemicals recruit more leukocytes towards the infected area, causing late-phase reactions. This is the main reason behind illness.


Even after the eradication of bugs, high levels of histamines are found in the air. Histamines are the chemicals responsible for allergic reactions. Studies have shown a 20% higher rate of histamines in homes with bedbug infestation than clean homes.

Bed bugs produce histamines as waste on your bedsheets and mattresses etc. These chemicals are released for mating signals and warnings to other bed bugs. These chemicals are one of the reasons for asthma in people. Studies have shown the presence of histamines in asthma patients. Although it happens rarely, cases are reported.

Other Effects of Bedbug Bite:

It has been observed that bedbugs don’t transmit any diseases, but they can cause other symptoms like:

  • Emotional distress and trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Iron deficiency in infants, children, and older people is caused by ongoing blood loss from the site of the bite, and if uncontrolled, it can be dangerous.

Self-treatment Against Bugs:

People having asthma are allergic to pesticides. The pest control agencies prescribe them to do the following things on their own if delays for pest control occur.

  • Wear clothes that covers most part of the body because bedbugs love to bite on naked skin.
  • Cover the doors of infested rooms with thin nets. This will prevent bugs from moving to other rooms.
  • Wash the beddings with hot water
  • Try to make the room more ventilated.
  • Well-lit rooms are also helpful in the restrained activity of bugs as they are nocturnal.
  • Clean your mattress and furniture corners frequently.

Although bedbugs show no effect against pesticides and insecticides hence, they can be treated by cleanliness.


Causes of allergies in humans by bedbugs are not thoroughly studied. There is a need for more research and study on symptoms and effects on a molecular and cellular level. Chemical use does not necessary harm them and, if used inappropriately, it is harmful to humans. They should be eradicated by other means. They do not spread any parasites in humans, but 40 different pathogens are found in them. Pest management agency in Singapore like The Pest Control Company not only works on the eradication of bedbugs but also studies symptoms caused by their bite. Pest management must be exercised. Our pest control agency is keen to educate people about bedbugs and the danger they bring. This is because people with symptomatic allergies are sometimes referred to pest control agencies and pest management. To find out if your household is infested by bedbed, visit our website at or whatsapp us at

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